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Book reviews

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  1. Antibiotics.R. Pratt andJ. Dufrenoy. 2nd Ed. Lippincott. 60/-.

  2. Pictorial Introduction tc Neurological Surgery. ByG. F. Rowbotham andD. P. Hammersley. Livingstone. 21/-.

  3. Textbook of Paediatrics. (Fanconi andWallgren). Ed. byW. R. F. Collis. Heinemann. £7 7s.

  4. Viruses in Medicine. British Medical Bulletin (1953) Vol. 9, No. 3. 15/-.

  5. Fundamentals of Microbiology. ByM. Frobisher. Saunders. 5th Ed. 30/-.

  6. Insecticides. Manual of Specifications for Insecticides and for Spraying and Dusting Apparatus. W.H.O., Geneva, 1953. £3 net.

  7. A Textbook for Midwives. ByM. F. Myles. Livingstone. 42/-

  8. The Parietal Lobes. ByMacdonald Critchley. Arnold. 70/-.

  9. Physical Examination of the Surgical Patient.J. E. Dunphy andT. W. Botsford. Saunders. 37/6.

  10. Functional and Surgical Anatomy of the Hand. ByE. B. Kaplan. Lippincott. 80/-.

  11. Methods of Examination in Ear, Nose and Throat. ByW. G. Scott-Brown. Butterworth. 10/6.

  12. Clinical Genetics. Ed. byArnold Sorsby. Butterworth. 90/-.

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