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Changes in the hand circulation in a case of pulmonary osteo-arthropathy


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    The circulation through the hand was investigated during release of sympathetic tone in a case of hypertrophic osteo-arthropathy. There was a great increase in hand blood flow, but only a small increase in the rate of heat elimination from the hand as compared with values obtained in normal people. This is taken to indicate a large increase in blood flow in the deeper vessels in the hand, possibly in the bony or periosteal vessels.

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    Following removal of a bronchial carcinoma the bone changes regressed, the hand blood flow fell to within normal limits and the rate of heat loss returned to normal.

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From the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, and the Department of Physiology. The Queen’s University of Belfast.

The substance of a paper read before the Section of Anatomy and Physiology, Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, November 18th, 1953.

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Logan, J.S., Marshall, R.J., Shepherd, J.T. et al. Changes in the hand circulation in a case of pulmonary osteo-arthropathy. Ir J Med Sci 29, 127–129 (1954).

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