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The diagnosis of ventricular septal defect and the indications for surgery based on surgical experience

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After a period of uncertainty, open-heart surgery has succeeded in accomplishing, by direct suture, or by prosthesis, the closure of most VSDs, and this with a progressive land remarkable diminution of the death rate.

In many caaes we can consider that the patient is cured, especially when the murmur has disappeared and the electric and roentgenologic signs show a tendency to normalisation. In some other cases, the persistence of a midual murmur may either reflect the persistence of the patency, or it may mean that some other lesion (particulaly of the tricuspid valve) has occurred during surgery. It is too early as yet to draw definite conclusions on the subject. It would seem, however, that even though in the latter cases complete cure is not achieved, the improvement is important enough for the patients to be amply benefited by the operation.

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A paper delivered before the Irish Cardiac Society on 17th May, 1963

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