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Book reviews

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  1. Thyrotropin. BySidney C. Werner. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois. 1963. Price $11.75.

  2. Poison Detection in Human Organs. ByA. S. Curry. C. C. Thomas, Illinois, U.S.A. 1963. £2 14s.

  3. Principles of Gynaecology. ByT. N. A. Jeffcoate. Butterworth. 2nd Edition. £5 5s.

  4. Todd-Sanford Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods. 13th Edition. Edited byIsraedla Davidsohn & Benjamin B. Wellsw. W. B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, London, 1963. Price £5 15s. 6d.

  5. Review of Bronchial Asthma. ByAlberth H. Rowe, .S., M.D. &Albertr Rowe JR.,M.D. Charles C. Thomas, Illinois. Price $11.00

  6. Radiation Hazards in Perspective. W.H.O. Technical Report, Series No. 248.

  7. The Diagnosis of Early Carcinoma of the Cervix. ByStanleyw Way, F.R.A.O.G. London. S. & A. Churchill. 30/-.

  8. Pathology of the Upper Respiratory Tract. ByR. E. Rewellm, M.D., M.R.C.P. E. & S. Livingstone Ltd., Edinburgh and London, 1963. 40/-

  9. Fungus Diseases of the Lungs. 2nd Ed. ByDanielt T. Smith, M.D. Illinois. Charles C. Thomas. $ 5.

  10. Peripheral Circulation in Man. British Medical Bulletin Vol. 19 No. 2, May, 1963. Published by the British Council. 164 pp. £1 10s.

  11. Statistics for Medical Students. ByRobert G. Hoffman. Charles C. Thomas. $7.50.

  12. Resistance of Bacteria to the Penicillins, Ciba Foundation Study Group No. 13. London. Churchill. 15/-.

  13. Synopsis of Roentgen Signs. ByIsadore Meschan 1488 illustrations, 465 pictures. 1962 (London, W. B. Saunders Co.). 77/-.

  14. A Textbook of Obstetrics. ByDuncan E. Reid, M.D. Illustrated by Edith Tagrin. (Pp. 1,087+xvi ; illustrated; £6 9s. 6d.) Philadelphia and London: W. R. Saunders Company. 1962.

  15. The Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen. BySir Zacharcy Cope. 12th Ed. Oxford University Press. Price 21 /-.

  16. Acute Poisoning. ByBensley andJoron 3rd. Ed. 1963. Livingstone. 15/-.

  17. A Primer of Medicine. ByM. H. Pappworth. 2nd Edition. Butterworth & Co. 32/6d.

  18. Transplantation (A Ciba Foundation Symposium). Edited byG. E. W. Wolstenholme andM. P. Cameron. J. & A. Churchill, London. 1962. 56/-.

  19. Cardiographic Techniques. ByA. Scott andE. H. Small. 2nd Edition. London. Heinemann. 25/-.

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