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Risk factors for coronary heart disease: A population survey in County Kilkenny, Ireland, in 1985

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As part of the evaluation of the Kilkenny Health Project, a survey of factors associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) was carried out in Kilkenny, Ireland, in 1985. A random sample of 784 men and women aged 35 to 64 years was surveyed. Mean serum total cholesterol was 6.1 mmol/l in men and women; 7.0% had levels greater than 7.8 mmol/1. Serum total cholesterol was significantly associated with age. 23.4% of males and 23.6% of females were hypertensive. 60.9% of males and 56.4% of females who were hypertensive were not on treatment. The prevalence of regular cigarette smoking was similar in males (27.7%) and females (27.1%). A further 6.3% of males and 1.6% of females smoked cigarettes occasionally or smoked a pipe or cigars regularly. 4.5% had a positive Rose questionnaire for previous myocardial infarction and 3.4% had a positive angina questionnaire. The high median total cholesterol and the low proportion of hypertensives on medication are consistent with findings in other population surveys in the British Isles and with the high mortality rates from CHD in Ireland. The prevalence of hypercholesterolaemia and of untreated hypertension was higher than in population surveys in the United States and Australia where CHD mortality rates are lower and declining at a faster rate than in Ireland.

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