The dietetic treatment of phenylketonuria

  • Doreen Murphy


A family is presented in which three untreated phenylketonurics have an I.Q. of 20, 50, and 40 respectively, and of two treated children whose initial phenylalanine blood levels were high, one showed a gross excess of phenylalanine; both have an I.Q. of 90–100. It is suggested that to be effective the phenylalanine-low diet must be started in the first weeks of life.

I wish to thank Dr. Elizabeth Troy for referring this interesting family to me; Dr. R. E. Steen, who so kindly lent the synthetic diet for Gerard M. for the first two weeks and who has helped and advised on many occasions; Dr. J. B. O’Regan, City Medical Officer; Dr. A. Lavelle, St. Vincent’s Home, Cabra; Dr. M. G. Harrington, University College, Dublin, for paper chromatography; Dr. J. G. Kirker, St. Laurence’s Hospital, Dublin, for EEG reports; Dr. M. P. Mulvaney for intelligence testing; Miss C. Gilmor, dietician, for her unfailing interest and attention, and Sisters Mary Arsenius and Margaret Dolores and the nursing staff for intelligent co-operation.


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