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Analysis of combustion and flame propagation characteristics of LPG and Gasoline fuels by laser deflection method


This work is to investigate the combustion characteristics and flame propagation of the LPG (liquified petroleum gas) and gasoline fuel. In order to characterize the combustion processes of the fuels, the flame propagation and combustion characteristics were investigated by using a constant volume combustion chamber. The flame propagation of both LPG and gasoline fuels was investigated by the laser deflection method and the high-speed Schlieren photography. The result of laser deflection method show that the error of measured flame propagation speed by laser method is less than5% compared with the result of high-speed camera. The flame propagation speed of the fuel is increased with the decrease of initial pressure and the increase of initial temperature in the constant volume chamber. The results also show that the equivalence ratio has a great effect on the flame speed, combustion pressure and the combustion duration of the fuel-air mixture.

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Correspondence to Ki Hyung Lee or Chang Sik Lee or Jea Duk Ryu or Gyung-Min Choi.

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Lee, K.H., Lee, C.S., Ryu, J.D. et al. Analysis of combustion and flame propagation characteristics of LPG and Gasoline fuels by laser deflection method. KSME International Journal 16, 935–941 (2002).

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Key Words

  • Constant Volume Combustion Chamber
  • Laser Deflection Method
  • High Speed Camera Method
  • Flame Propagation Speed
  • Combustion Duration
  • Equivalence Ratio