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The microbial flora of in-use blood pressure cuffs


The capacity of blood pressure cuffs to act as vehicles of hospital infection has been recognised. We describe the microbial flora of in-use DINAMAP blood pressure cuffs used in the operating theatres and one recovery room in a teaching hospital. Our results show significant microbial contamination of in-use blood pressure cuffs.

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Correspondence to M. G. M Cormican or D. J Lowe or P Keane or J Flynn or D O’Toole.

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Cormican, M.G.M., Lowe, D.J., Keane, P. et al. The microbial flora of in-use blood pressure cuffs. I.J.M.S. 160, 112–113 (1991).

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  • Serratia Marcescens
  • Microbial Flora
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Beta Lactam Antibiotic
  • Beta Lactam