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ρ Graph: Rendezvous ordering graph for Ada concurrent programs

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In disciplined Ada software development and maintenance, an adequate and suitable graphical representation for concurrency is important. To describe rendezvous ordering, tasking and executing flow of tasks, ρ graph—Rendezvous Ordering Graph is presented in this paper. ρ graph is a kind of hierarchical oriented graph with nodes representing rendezvouses and edges showing ordering relations between rendezvouses as well as flow of tasks. It can be used in software understanding, design description and documentation.

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Author information

Correspondence to Zhenyu Wang.

Additional information

Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Wang Zhenyu is a Professor. His research interests include software engineering, Ada language, tool and environment.

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  • Ada concurrent program
  • rendezvous relation
  • rendezvous ordering graph