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Aflatoxin contamination of rice in the United Arab Emirates


Many people in the United Arab Emirates store rice in large quantities for long periods of time before use. Five hundred samples of rice were collected from households in Al-Ain city during the summers of 1992-1994. Aflatoxin B1 was detected in 160 samples (64%) of long grain rice and 81 Samples (32%) of short grain rice at levels ranging from 1.2 to 16.5 µg/kg. The moisture content of samples varied between 5.7% and 15.3%. Species ofAspergillus andPenicillium (includingA. flavus andA. parasiticus) were isolated from discoloured, broken and insect damaged grain and it was confirmed that at least two of the isolates ofA. flavus were aflatoxigenic. These findings demonstrate that rice may contribute to dietary exposure to aflatoxins which are known to be carcinogenic and immunosuppressive.

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