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Reviews and bibliographical notices

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    1. Traité td’Anatomie Topographique Médico-Chirurgicale. Considérée Spécialement dans ses Applications a la Pathologie, a la Médecine légale, a l’Art obstetrical, et a la Chirurgie opératoire. ParJ.-E. Petrequin, Ex-Chirurgien en chef de l’Hotel-Dieu de Lyon. Deuxième Edition. Paris: Masson. 1857. Royal 8vo, pp. 763.

    2. Lectures on the Principles and Methods of Medical Observation and Research; for the use of advanced Students and junior Practitioners. ByThomas Laycock, M. D., &c., Professor of the Practice of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine in the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh: A. and C. Black. 1856. 12mo, pp. 223.

    3. Outlines of Ophthalmology. Third Edition.To which is prefixed an Introductory Discourse on the Causes which have rendered the Eye a separate object of Medical Study. ByW. Mackenzie, M.D., Surgeon Oculist in Scotland in Ordinary to Her Majesty, &c. London: Longmans, 1856. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 72.

    4. Defects of Sight, their Nature, Causes, Prevention, and General Management. ByT. Wharton Jones, F.R.S., F.R.C.S., &c. London: Churchill, 1856. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 149.

    5. The Science of Mind; or, Pneumatology. London : Longman and Co. 1856. Vol. I. 8vo, pp. 312.

    6. On the Constitutional Treatment of Female Diseases. ByEdward Rigby, M. D., &c. &c. London: Renshaw. 1857. 8vo, pp. 324.

    7. Du Siège commun de l’Intelligence, de la Volonté et de la Sensibilité chez l’Homme. ParMax Parchappe, Inspecteur General de 1re Classe des Établissments d’Aliénés, &c. Première Partie: Preuve Pathologique. Paris: Victor Masson. 1856. 8vo, pp. 180.

    8. Children’s Diseases. First Report of the Clinical Hospital for Diseases of Children, Stevenson-square, Manchester. Containing an Account of the Results of the first 530Patients there treated. ByA. L. Merei, M. D., &c., andJ. Whitehead, M.D., &c. Manchester: Bradshaw and Blacklock. 1856. 8vo, pp. 52.

    9. On Uterin Deviationer. Af Dr.F. C. Faye, Professor i Accouchement, Fruentimmer-og Börnesygdomme, ved Norges Universitet.

    10. On Uterine Deviations. By Dr.F. C. Faye, Professor of Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children in the University of Norway. Reprint. 8vo, pp. 72. Christiania: Werner and Co. 1856.

    11. Calisthenics; or, the Elements of Bodily Culture. ByHenry de Laspée. London: Darton & Co. 1856. 8vo. pp. 170.

    12. A New System of Calisthenic Exercises. ByHenry Cost. London: Turrel, Oxford-street. 1856. pp. 110.

    13. Quarante Années de Pratique Chirurgicale. ParPh. J. Roux. Tome second, Maladies des Artères. Paris: Victor Masson. 1856. pp. 476.

    14. Supplement to Lizars’ Anatomical Plates of the Human Body Accompanied with Letter-press Descriptions and Letters of Reference to the Plates. ByJohn Lizars, F.R.S.E., &c., Edinburgh: W. H. Lizars, 1856. Folio, pp. 13. Plates 10.

    15. A Treatise on Therapeutics and Pharmacology, or Materia Medica. ByG. B. Wood, M.D., &c. Philadelphia: Lippincott and Co., 1856. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. 840 and 901.

    16. Pathological Chemistry, in its application to the Practice of Medicine. Translated from the French of MM. Becquerel and Rodier. ByStanhope Templeman Speer, M. D. London: Churchill, 1857. 8vo, pp. 566.

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