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Case report: Combined hand access with laparoscopic pneumoperitoneum in intraperitoneal adhesiolysis


Previous abdominal surgery is one of the relative contraindications to safe induction of pneumoperitoneum with a Veress needle. Similarly visual inspection with a telescope may be limited and instrumental manipulation difficult. The manual ability to distract bowel loops and finger dissect greatly facilitates adhesiolysis and this is lost with conventional laparoscopy. A novel hand-access port is described which combines manual tactile ability with minimally invasive laparoscopic adhesiolysis.

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Correspondence to T. F. Gorey or S. Tierney or M. O’Riordain or D. Buckley or N. Gibbons or J. M. Fitzpatrick.

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Gorey, T.F., Tierney, S., O’Riordain, M. et al. Case report: Combined hand access with laparoscopic pneumoperitoneum in intraperitoneal adhesiolysis. I J M S 165, 297–298 (1996). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02943096

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  • Intussusception
  • Veress Needle
  • Conventional Laparoscopy
  • Extensive Adhesion
  • Mater Hospital