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Giant squamous cell carcinoma of the hand: Epithelioma cuniculatum — A case report

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We report a case of a giant squamous cell carcinoma of the hand. It demonstrates the natural history of a neglected well differentiated squamous cell tumour in this site. It resembles the epithelioma cuniculatum variant of squamous cell carcinoma, previously described as being peculiar to the foot. Correspondence to: Mr. C. McCormack.

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Correspondence to D. McCormack or T. Scannell or F. Cunningham.

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McCormack, D., Scannell, T. & Cunningham, F. Giant squamous cell carcinoma of the hand: Epithelioma cuniculatum — A case report. I.J.M.S. 163, 379–380 (1994). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02942832

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