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Effect of intersettling spacing on sugarcane yield and quality


An experiment was conducted with 5ft inter row spacing to find out optimum inter settling spacing for polybag planting during preseason season of 2001–2002 at Vasantdada Sugar Institute’s farm at Manjari. The results indicated that the cane yield was significantly increased by 17.48 t/ha in 60 cm inter settling spacing as compared to control (106.65 t/ha) in five feet wider row spacing. The significant rise in sucrose content in the juice leads to significant rise in CCS % in 5 ft inter row spacing with 60 cm inter settling spacing (14.25) as compared to two budded set planting (13.37). The multiple regression analysis showed that contribution of germination / survival percent is highest (81.33%) followed by tiller ratio at 120 DAP (64.49%) and plant population at harvest (62.49%) for the cane yield.

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  • Sugarcane
  • intersettling spacing
  • yield prediction model
  • cane yield and juice quality