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Clinical audit in intensive care - the meath intensive care audit

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Audit is now recognised as being an essential component of clinical practice. We report on the first year of the Meath Intensive Care Audit (MICA). This audit was instituted to investigate the activity of the unit, to assess the feasibility of continuous audit in our ICU and to provide data for future development of ICU facilities. Two hundred and fifty four patients were admitted between July 1st 1990 and June 30th 1991. The mean age at admission was 58 years and the mean length of stay 5.2 days. The mean APACHE II score was 16. Thirty four patients (13.4%) died in the ICU and 17 patients died in hospital following discharge from the unit bringing the hospital mortality rate to 20%. The audit proved feasible to implement and data collection is now accepted as a routine part of our ICU work.

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