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Almost hermitian manifolds and Osserman condition

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Let(M, g, J) be an almost Hermitian manifold. In this paper we study holomorphically nonnegatively,Δ)-pinched almost Hermitian manifolds. In [3] it was shown that for such Kahler manifolds a plane with maximal sectional curvature has to be a holomorphic plane(J-invariant). Here we generalize this result to arbitrary almost Hermitian manifolds with respect to the holomorphic curvature tensorH R and toRK-manifolds of a constant type λ(p). In the proof some estimates of the sectional curvature are established. The results obtained are used to characterize almost Hermitian manifolds of constant holomorphic sectional curvature (with respect to holomorphic and Riemannian curvature tensor) in terms of the eigenvalues of the Jacobi-type operators, i.e. to establish partial cases of the Osserman conjecture. Some examples are studied.

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  • Curvature Tensor
  • Twistor Space
  • Killing Spinor
  • Jacobi Operator
  • Hermitian Manifold