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Cytosine methylation levels in the genome ofStellaria longipes

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Environment-induced alteration of DNA methylation levels was investigated inStellaria longipes (Caryophyllaceae). Total cytosine methylation levels were measured using HPLC in 6 genets representing two ecotypes (alpine and prairie) grown in short day photoperiod and cold temperature (SDC) and long day photoperiod and warm temperature (LDW) conditions. The levels of methylated cytosine were 16.54-22.20% among the three genets from the alpine and 12.62–24.70% in the three prairie genets when they were grown in SDC conditions. After the plants were moved to the LDW conditions, all of the three genets from the alpine showed decreasing levels of DNA methylation up to 6 days of growing in LDW. When the plants continued to grow in LDW for 10 days the average methylation level in the prairie genotypes showed no significant change. Cytosine methylation level was also detected inHpall andSau3AI restriction sites using the coupled restriction enzyme digestion and random amplification (CRED-RA) procedure, in which 15 random primers were used. Fifty per cent of the amplified bands with either or both of these two restriction sites were identified as being methylated in an alpine genotype (1C) and approximately 66% were found to be methylated in a prairie genotype (7C). It was observed that the change in growing conditions from SDC to LDW induced a decrease of methylation levels inHpall sites.

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  • Cytosine methylation
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