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Book reviews

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  1. The Biochemistry of the Cells of Blood and Bone Marrow by Joseph F. Seitz. Springfield, Illinois. Chas. C. Thomas. $18.75.

  2. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Combined for Students by Elliott E. Philipp. London. H. K. Lewis. 2nd ed. £5.25.

  3. A Student’s Guide to Geriatrics by T. H. Howell. London. Staples Press. Second Edition. £2.25.

  4. Diseases of the Chest by H. C. Hinshaw. Philadelphia and London. W. B. Saunders Co. Third Edition. £10.62 1/2.

  5. The Physiological Mechanisms of Cerebral Blood Circulation by A. I. Naumenko and N. N. Benua. Translated by J. Brozek and E. Simpson. 1970. Illinois. Chas. C. Thomas $8.75.

  6. Histology by Thomas S. Leeson and C. Roland Leeson. 2nd Edition. Philadelphia and London. W. B. Saunders Company Ltd. £4.67 1/2.

  7. General Pathology. Edited by Lord Florey. London. Lloyd-Luke & Co. £8.

  8. Epilepsy by W. Pryse-Phillips. Bristol. John Wright and Sons. 90p.

  9. Illustrated Dictionary of Eponymlc Syndromes and Diseases by S. Jablonski. Philadelphia and London. W. B. Saunders. £5.42 1/2.

  10. Symposium on the Spine by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. St. Louis. The C. V. Mosby Company. $19.50.

  11. Functional Pathology of the Human Adrenal Gland by Thomas Symington. Edinburgh and London. E. & S. Livingstone Ltd. £10.

  12. Pain Analysis: A Guide to Diagnosis. Edited by Rudolph Janzen. 1970. Bristol. John Wright and Sons. £1.25.

  13. Modern Trends in Neurology. Volume 5. Edited by Denis Williams. London. Butterworths. £4.40.

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