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Book Reviews

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  1. S. C. Dyke.Recent Advances in Clinical Pathology. (Produced under the auspices of The European Association of Clinical Pathologists). Churchill. 25/-.

  2. M. Weinbren.A Manual of Tomography. Lewis. 45/-.

  3. Claude B’ecL’ere.Diagnostic Hormonal et Traitements Hormonaux en Oynd’eologie Paris. Masson. Frs. 525.

  4. L. B. Arey.Developmental Anatomy. Saunders. 5th Ed. 35/-.

  5. E. H. R. Harries and M. Mitman.Clinical Practice in Infectious Disease. Livingstone. 3rd Ed. 22/6.

  6. J. H. Peel.Textbook of Gynaecology. Heinemann. 2nd Ed. 21/-.

  7. T. B. Johnston and J. Willis.Gray’s Anatomy. Longmans. 70/-.

  8. Arthur H. Curtis.Textbook of Gynaecology. Saunders. 5th. Ed. 40/-.

  9. Sir H. Conybeare.Textbook of Medicine. 8th Ed. Livingstone. 30/-.

  10. G. C. Andrews.Diseases of the Skin. Saunders. 3rd Ed. 50/-.

  11. J. F. Fulton.Howell’s Textbook of Physiology. Saunders. 15th Ed. 40/-.

  12. C. Newman.Medical Emergencies. Churchill. 3rd Ed. 10/6.

  13. F. Wood-Jones.Buchanan’s Manual of Anatomy. 7th. Ed. Bailliere. 45/.

  14. C. Flemming.Heath’s Minor Surgery. Churchill. 23rd Ed. 14/-.

  15. A. Lee Mc G-rbGoR.Synopsis of Surgical Anatomy. Wright & Sons. 6th Ed. 25/-.

  16. J. T. Fa Rrell.Roentgen Diagnosis of Diseases of the Gastro-intestinal Tract. Bailliere. 30/-.

  17. J. A. Ross.A Handbook of Radiography. Lewis. 2nd Ed. 10/6.

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