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Comparison between a biochemical and a histochemical method for the detection of oestrogen receptor in breast carcinoma

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A histochemical method for the detection of oestrogen receptors in breast carcinoma is used to examine 48 cases of primary breast cancer and a comparison made with the standard biochemical method. Positive correlation between the two methods is shown in 85.4% of cases, a result which is statistically significant (p<0.02). Some points of advantage and disadvantage in both methods are discussed. In particular, the future role of histochemical methods in general, and of the labelled-ligand method of Lee, specifically, is considered. Although no definite clinical correlation between the histochemical method and patient management has yet been described, it is felt that the direct visualisation of oestrogen binding sites in breast cancer is a useful adjunct to the standard biochemical technique.

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Correspondence to R. T. McMahon or C. E. Connolly.

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Charles Eugene Connolly wishes to acknowledge a generous grant from the Irish Cancer Society, without which the biochemical assay could not have been carried out.

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