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Refractive-index dispersion measurement of bulk optical materials using a fiber raman laser widely tunable in the visible and near-infrared


We propose a simple, highly sensitive fiber-optic autocollimation method for refractive-index dispersion measurement of solid-state and liquid bulk optical materials using a double-pass fiber Raman laser with Littrow-prism-tuned emission. The optical fiber is a key element of the scheme and serves simultaneously as a point laser source for the test, as a highly sensitive point receiver (or spatial filter) of the autocollimation backreflectance signal and as a medium for nonlinear frequency conversion and generation of a broadband continuum spectrum. When the Raman medium is a graded-index multimode fiber with powerful pumping (over 100 kW) using the second harmonic of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (λp=532nm), we obtain widely tunable (0.54-1.01 μm) generation in both the visible and near-IR ranges. The results obtained in the refractive-index dispersion measurements are fitted to the Sellmeier dispersion equation and the standard deviation of the experimental data from the analytical curve does not exceed 5x10-5.

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Correspondence to Ilko K. Ilev or Hiroshi Kumagai or Koichi Toyoda.

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Ilev, I.K., Kumagai, H. & Toyoda, K. Refractive-index dispersion measurement of bulk optical materials using a fiber raman laser widely tunable in the visible and near-infrared. Optical Review 4, A61 (1997).

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Key Words

  • fiber-optic autocollimation method
  • double-pass fiber Raman laser
  • refractive-index dispersion