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Prenatal development of cutaneous afferent connections in the spinal cord of fetal sheep

A physiological and neurochemical study


In this study we have examined the shysiological and neurochemical development of the cutaneous afferent pathways from the hindlimb to the spinal cord in fetal sheep. We have shown that somatosensory input from the hindlimb evokes activity in DRG neurons at 87d gestation and in cells in the dorsal horn at 92d (term, 146d). There is evidence of immunoreactivity for substance P, calcitonin gene-related peptide and glutamine several days prior to this at 77–80 days. The implication of these findings are discussed.

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Rees, S., Rawson, J. & Nitsos, I. Prenatal development of cutaneous afferent connections in the spinal cord of fetal sheep. Mol Neurobiol 5, 247–249 (1991).

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