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Hydrolysis of rice bran oil using immobilized lipase in a stirred batch reactor

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Candida cylindracea lipase was immobilized by adsorption on acid washed glass beads. It was observed that protein loading of the support depends on the size of the particle, with smaller particle containing higher amount of protein per unit weight. Initial reaction rate linearly varied up to enzyme concentration of 17.25 U/mL. Amount of free fatty acids produced was linearly proportional up to the enzyme loading of 1650 μg/g of bead. Achievement of chemical equilibrium took longer time in the case of less protein loading. Degree of hydrolysis was found to decrease in second and third consecutive batch operations on repeated use of immobilized lipase.

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  • immobilized lipase
  • protein loading
  • free fatty acids
  • degree of hydrolysis and chemical equilibrium