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Diagnostic sonography of the fetal genitourinary tract

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Fetal diagnosis has vastly improved over the last decade. Ultrasound has become the imaging modality of choice. As real-time equipment has improved technologically, the ability to deduce subtle abnormalities has greatly increased.

The fetal genitourinary tract may be evaluated for renal dysplasias, anomalies, or obstruction. Points of obstruction and, at times, the exact cause of obstruction may be deduced. Abnormalities of the ureter, bladder, urethra, scrotum, or reproductive system can be detected.

Early diagnosis allows for proper individual or family counseling for hereditable disorders and chromosomal abnormalities. The perinatology team can be alerted to an abnormality that may require early neonatal surgical or medical intervention. Early treatment can prevent significant deterioration of renal function. The possibilities of prenatal intervention may be considered.

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