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Carbon isotopic fractionation in the process of Fischer-Tropsch reaction in primitive solar nebula


Carbon isotopic fractionation of low-weight molecules of the products of Fischer-Tropsch reaction under the conditions of Earth's accumulation region in primitive solar nebula has been experimentally studied. Among the reaction products, carbon dioxide has the heaviest isotopic composition; carbon isotopic composition of methane has a large variation; different from biogenic natural gases, carbon isotopic compositions among ethane, propane and butane yield a reverse distribution pattern. It suggests that primordial hydrocarbons that were captured in the interior of the Earth during its accretion possess a reverse carbon isotopic distribution pattern.

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Correspondence to Guixing Hu or Ziyuan Ouyang or Xianbin Wang or Qibin Wen.

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Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 49233060).

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  • Fischer-Tropsch reaction
  • carbon isotopes
  • reverse distribution pattern