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Features of infrared thermal image and radiation

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Experimental study discovered that:(i) coal rocks and sandstone in the course of loading have three types of infrared thermal image features and three types of infrared radiation temperature features; (ii) infrared detection is comparable with acoustic emission detection and electrical resistance detection. Generally, the infrared forewarning of coal rocks' failure comes later than that of acoustic and electrical resistance, but the infrared radiation temperature forewarning of coal burst comes earlier. On the basis of comprehensive study and analysis, it was suggested that stress nearby 0.79 σc should be taken as the stress-caution-zone for rock mass failure, ground pressure and its disasters monitoring.

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Correspondence to Lixin Wu or Jinzhuang Wang.

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Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 59674004).

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  • coal rock
  • failure
  • ground pressure
  • infrared detection
  • acoustic emission
  • electrical resistance