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The influence of organophosphoric insecticides on total nitrogen and free amino acid levels in the leaves of apple seedlings

  • Eva Zelená


The effect of 0.1% Metation E 50 (fenitrothion) and Fosfotion 50 (malathion) on the level of total nitrogen and that of free amino acids was investigated in juvenile and mature leaves of apple seedlings in the course of six days following treatment. Fosfotion affected both nitrogen and amino acid content to a higher degree than Metation. Fosfotion increased the total nitrogen content in all leaves, but Metation induced the change only in the leaves which were at the end of the logarithmic growth phase at the time of treatment. The level of amino acids increased on the whole, with the exception of a temporary decline in the youngest leaves as well. The treatment with both insecticides affected most the content of amides: the greatest decrease of glutamine occurred in young leaves, the highest increase in asparagine content was recorded in both juvenile and mature leaves.


Total Nitrogen Free Amino Acid Malathion Total Nitrogen Content Fenitrothion 


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  • Eva Zelená
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Experimental Botany of the Czechoslovak Academy of SciencesCzechoslovakia

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