Quarrying of aggregates in and around gauhati: Impact on the environment

  • Goswami S. C. 
International Symposium on Aggregates Theme 2. Environmental Problems


The Gauhati city is situated in the northeastern part of India. Since the late 1960's Gauhati has been undergoin massive development with construction of innumerable buildings, roads and pavements leading to a huge demand for construction materials. Consequently, aggregate quarries have muschroomed on hillslopes in and around Gauhati, Unplanned quarrying activities on hillslopes have brought about the problem of aesthetic degradation and slope failure. This paper highlight these problems and suggests corrective and preventive measures for preservation of the beauty of the natural landscape and stability of the hill slopes.


Slope Failure Residual Soil Natural Landscape Hill Slope Massive Development 

Carrieres de granulats de la region de gauhati: Impact sur l'environnement


La ville de Gauhati située au Nord-Est de l'Inde a connu depuis 1960 un grand développement de la construction (route et batiment) nécessitant une grande quantité de granulats. Aussi les carrières de granulats ont envahi les collines avoisinantes. Ce développement anarchique a nui à l'esthétique du paysage et entrainé des glissements de terrain. Nous abordons ces problèmes et suggérons des mesures préventives et correctives.


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