On a class of almost unbiased ratio estimators

  • T. J. Rao


Murthy and Nanjamma [4] studied the problem of construction of almost unbiased ratio estimators for any sampling design using the technique of interpenetrating subsamples. Subsequently, Rao [7], [8] has given a general method of constructing unbiased ratio estimators by considering linear combinations of the two simple estimators based on the ratio of means and the mean of ratios. However, it is difficult to choose an optimum weight (Rao [9]) which minimizes the variance of the combined estimator since the weights are random in certain cases. In this note, we consider a different method of combining these estimators and obtain a general class of almost unbiased ratio estimators of which Murthy and Nanjamma's is a particular case and derive an optimum in this class. The case of simple random sampling where a similar class of almost unbiased ratio estimators can be developed is briefly discussed. The results are illustrated by means of simple numerical examples.


Ratio Estimation Unbiased Estimator Optimum Weight Simple Random Sampling Optimum Estimator 


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  • T. J. Rao
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  1. 1.Iowa State UniversityUSA

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