Pharmaceutisch Weekblad

, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 46–50 | Cite as

University-industry: A happy match?

  • K. Wiedhaup


The relationship between Dutch academia and Dutch industry has taken a drastic and positive turn in recent years. The third party, the government, stimulates a happy match but at the same time puts several constraints on its development. Some reservations are expressed both from an industrial and from an academic viewpoint. On the other hand, properly conditioned partnerships can offer mutual benefits for industry and academia. Some prerequisites for co-operation are formulated. With regard to pharmaceutical sciences, industry is often confronted with fundamental questions that cannot be answered within the conditions of drug development, but may be a starting point for academic research. The aging process and dementia are proposed as fields for constructive co-operation.


Public Health Internal Medicine Dementia Drug Development Aging Process 
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  • K. Wiedhaup
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  1. 1.Research and DevelopmentOrganon InternationalBV, OssThe Netherlands

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