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Possibilities of continuous care

Part II
  • E. van der Does
The Initiating Role of Hospital Pharmacy


In this article the growing need and necessity to accomplish a shift from in-patient care towards out-patient care, and the role of the hospital pharmacists after this shift has been accomplished, are discussed. If certain obstacles, which still hamper the development towards home care are overcome, then — given the hospital pharmacist's possibilities and limitations — his task in patient care, although important, seems limited. Besides, several other provisions have to be made before the hospital pharmacist comes into the picture. On the other hand, other contributions to health care in general, such as contributions to journals, helping with executing research, information to the public and participation in pharmaceutical consultation groups, have increased and are also important. Although these contributions may already have been realized, they could be more firmly structured, extended and intensified.


Ambulatory care Co-operative behavior Home care services Pharmacists, hospital Physicians, family Specialties, medical 


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  • E. van der Does
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  1. 1.Department of General PracticeErasmus University RotterdamHR RotterdamThe Netherlands

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