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Condition of extremum for eigenvalues of elliptic boundary-value problems

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In this paper, we consider problems of eigenvalue optimization for elliptic boundary-value problems. The coefficients of the higher derivatives are determined by the internal characteristics of the medium and play the role of control. The necessary conditions of the first and second order for problems of the first eigenvalue maximization are presented. In the case where the maximum is reached on a simple eigenvalue, the second-order condition is formulated as completeness condition for a system of functions in Banach space. If the maximum is reached on a double eigenvalue, the necessary condition is presented in the form of linear dependence for a system of functions. In both cases, the system is comprised of the eigenfunctions of the initial-boundary value problem. As an example, we consider the problem of maximization of the first eigenvalue of a buckling column that lies on an elastic foundation.

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