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The vicarious differentiation of the alpineGalium serpylloides group (Rubiaceae), endemic to the W. Himalaya

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Galium serpylloides agg. comprises a group of locally endemic, disjunct and vicarious taxa in the (sub)alpine zone of the W. Himalaya, from W to E:G. gymnopetalum, G. lahulense, G. serpylloides s. str.,G. saipalense, andG. nepalense. Four of these are new to science;G. serpylloides is newly typified. The main characters of the five species are compared and illustrated, their affinities and evolution are discussed, and a map of distribution is presented.

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Dedicated to Prof.K. H. Rechinger on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

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Schönbeck-Temesy, E., Ehrendorfer, F. The vicarious differentiation of the alpineGalium serpylloides group (Rubiaceae), endemic to the W. Himalaya. Pl Syst Evol 155, 77–87 (1987).

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Key words

  • Angiosperms
  • RubiaceaeRubieae:Galium gymnopetalum
  • spec. nova
  • G. lahulense
  • spec. nova
  • G. saipalense
  • spec. nova
  • G. nepalense
  • spec. nova
  • G. serpylloides Royle exHook. f. typified
  • Alpine flora of the Himalaya