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Signomial dual Kuhn-tucker intervals

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Signomial programs are a special type of nonlinear programming problems which are especially useful in engineering design. This paper applies interval arithmetic, a generalization of ordinary arithmetic, to a dual equilibrium problem in signomial programming. Two constructive applications are considered. Application I involves uniqueness of local solutions; Application II involves existence and error bounds.

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The authors are grateful to the National Science Foundation for support through a Graduate Fellowship and Grant No. GK-41301.

Communicated by M. Avriel

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Mancini, L.J., Wilde, D.J. Signomial dual Kuhn-tucker intervals. J Optim Theory Appl 28, 11–27 (1979).

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Key Words

  • Geometric programming
  • signomial programming
  • interval arithmetic
  • nonlinear equations
  • Newton's method