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Serum-free cultivation ofPlasmodium falciparum gametocytes in vitro

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Several components were tested for their ability to replace human serum in cultures ofPlasmodium falciparum set up for the development of gametocytes. Besides a serum-free medium, A*I*M*V (Gibco BRL), RPMI medium supplemented with commercially available serum substitutes was used to culture gametocytes. The following substances served as serum replacements: Basal Medium Supplement (Biochrom), Ultroser G (Gibco BRL) and Nutridoma-SR (Boehringer Mannheim). All serum-free additives supported some parasite growth, but only in RPMI supplemented with Nutridoma-SR were morphologically mature gametocytes obtained. The asexual forms developed almost as well as in RPMI with human serum added.

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