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Observations on two new species of cephaline gregarine (Protozoa:Sporozoa) of the genusAncyrophora Léger, 1892 from odonate insects


The morphology and life history of two new species of cephaline gregarines (Protozoa: Sporozoa),Ancyrophora ischnurae n. sp. andAncyrophora ovoides n. sp. have been described from the midguts of the odonates,Ischnura senegalensis (Rambur) andIschnura delicata Hagen respectively, from West Bengal, India. A short discussion on the diagnostic features of the genusAncyrophora Léger, 1892 has also been incorporated in this paper.

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Sarkar, N.K., Haldar, D.P. Observations on two new species of cephaline gregarine (Protozoa:Sporozoa) of the genusAncyrophora Léger, 1892 from odonate insects. Z. Parasitenkd. 65, 217–223 (1981).

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  • Life History
  • Diagnostic Feature
  • Short Discussion