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Spontaneously releasedPlasmodium falciparum merozoites from culture possess glycoproteins


Using metabolic labeling techniques with either radioactive glucosamine or various sugars in synchronousPlasmodium falciparum cultures it was proven that merozoites isolated from such cultures possess glycoproteins. Biosynthesis and processing of these glycoproteins were investigated.

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Correspondence to Hans-G. Heidrich.

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Heidrich, H., Strych, W. & Prehm, P. Spontaneously releasedPlasmodium falciparum merozoites from culture possess glycoproteins. Z. Parasitenkd. 70, 747–751 (1984).

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  • Sugar
  • Glucosamine
  • Label Technique
  • Metabolic Label
  • Falciparum Merozoite