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Effect of statil on kidney structure, function and polyol accumulation in diabetes mellitus

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We examined the effects of an aldose-reductase inhibitor, statil, which blocks the conversion of glucose to sorbitol, in rats rendered diabetic with streptozotocin in order to determine whether the anticipated changes in sorbitol content was associated with beneficial lack of changes in renal morphology and function. Groups of diabetic, insulin-treated and untreated rats were fed statil daily for a period of five months; each group was paired with a non-drug-treatment control group. At the conclusion of the study period, statil was not found to affect renal sorbitol concentrations nor did it effect functional or structural changes seen in the kidney. We conclude that further study, using other doses of statil and longer duration over which data is collected, must be undertaken in order to implicate the polyol pathway in the renal complications of diabetes mellitus.

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