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Human T-lymphocyte subset production of immune (γ) interferon

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Human Tμ, Tγ, and Tφ lymphocyte subpopulations have the capacity to respond to phytohemagglutinin (PHA)in vitro with proliferation and the production of a pH 2 and heat-labile γ interferon. This occurs both when the subsets are isolated by direct rosetting techniques or by negative selection. Macrophages enhance the production of the γ interferon by each lymphocyte subset and do not themselves produce γ interferon in response to products of PHA-activated lymphocyte subsets. Thus our studies indicate that subpopulations of T lymphocytes known to differ with regard to morphology, surface receptors, RNA content, response to corticosteroids and X-irradiation, and other functional capabilities do not differ with regard to their capacity to produce γ interferon.

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