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Dipole moments and heats of formation of complexes of aluminum bromide with ketones

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    The complex formation of aluminum bromide with a number of aliphatic, aromatic, and heteroaromatic ketones was investigated by methods of calorimetry, dielectrometry, and cryoscopy in benzene. The composition, dipole moments, and heats of formation of the complexes were determined.

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    Aromatic and heteroaromatic ketones are stronger n-donors than aliphatic ketones. This is association with the increasedπ-electron density on the carbonyl oxygen atom in aromatic and heteroaromatic ketones.

  3. 3.

    Certain aromatic and heteroaromatic ketones form not only complexes with the composition D ·AlBr3 (D is a donor), but also complexes with composition D·2AlBr3, in which the second AlBr3 group is bonded to a 1:1 compound, probably according to the type of aπ-complex.

  4. 4.

    The degree of charge transfer and the enthalpy of formation of the donor-acceptor bond in complexes of AlBr3 with ketones are close to the corresponding parameters in complexes of AlBr3 with ethers.

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Translated from Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Khimicheskaya, No. 11, pp. 2478–2485, November, 1974.

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Romm, I.P., Belen'kii, L.I., Gur'yanova, E.N. et al. Dipole moments and heats of formation of complexes of aluminum bromide with ketones. Russ Chem Bull 23, 2389–2394 (1974).

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