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Comparison of Peabody, Leiter, WISC, and academic achievement scores among emotionally disturbed children


The present study examined the utility of employing tests such as the PPVT and the AALIPS as viable alternatives to the WISC in the prediction of academic achievement with emotionally disturbed children. The three IQ instruments and the California Achievement Test were administered to a group of 50 male emotionally disturbed children. Intercorrelations among the three tests were all significant and all three successfully predicted academic achievement. However, both the PPVT and the AALIPS consistently resulted in higher IQ estimates than did the WISC. Results supported the use of the PPVT and the AALIPS as equally viable alternatives to the more comprehensive WISC.

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Correspondence to Dr. T. H. Ollendick.

Additional information

This study was performed while all authors were staff psychologists at the Devereux Foundation, Devon, Pennsylvania. Special thanks to Peggy Grant for typing the manuscript and to Donald Wilmes, ISU Graduate Student, for his assistance in the literature review of this project.

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Ollendick, T.H., Finch, A.J. & Ginn, F.W. Comparison of Peabody, Leiter, WISC, and academic achievement scores among emotionally disturbed children. J Abnorm Child Psychol 2, 47–51 (1974).

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