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Modulation of T- and B-lymphocyte functions by isoprinosine in homosexual subjects with prodromata and in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)


Male prodromal homosexuals and patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) exhibited similar immunological abnormalities but by different degrees. A reduction in the number of circulating T lymphocytes bearing the T-4 surface marker led to an altered ratio of Th to Ts subpopulations in both groups of subjects. Total numbers of suppressor cells (Ts) remained virtually similar in both study groups to that of the control subjects. Proliferative responses to T-cell mitogen (PHA) and T cell-dependent B-cell mitogen (PWM) were severely impaired in prodromal subjects and more so in the AIDS group. The response to PWM was unrelated to the total number of suppressor T cells but was associated with a significant decrease in helper T-cell number. The impaired lymphocyte functions of immunosuppressed subjects were potentiated by coincubation with isoprinosine in a selective fashion. While the percentage of upward modulation among homosexuals with normal lymphocyte functions was comparable to that obtained in control subjects, a higher degree of augmentation was achieved in AIDS patients and in prodromal subjects with impaired blastogenic responses. In none of the AIDS patients with severe immunodeficiencies, however, was the lymphocyte functions restored to the normal range established in the heterosexual controls. These results suggest the feasibility of eventual prophylactic utilization of isoprinosine in male homosexuals at high risk of developing AIDS.

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