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Enthalpies of formation of solid cobalt-tellurium alloys

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The enthalpies of formation of solid Co−Te alloys were determined at room temperature with an isoperibol solution calorimeter of the submarine type. Co−Te alloys and mechanical mixtures of the pure components were dissolved in separate experiments in a saturated hydrochloric acid (8.000n)—bromine mixture and the enthalpies of formation obtained by difference. For the NiAs-type β-phase ΔH f o(NTe)=(4.079–15.017N Te) kcal·g-atom−1 and for the marcasitetype γ-phase ΔH f o(N Te)=(3.787–14.400N Te) kcal·g-atom−1. Combining these results with data from the literature integral thermodynamic properties of solid Co—Te alloys were calculated at room temperature and at 600°C.

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