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7,14-Cyclo-dihydro-codeinone. A new cyclopropane derivative of the morphine group

Ein neues Cyclopropan-Derivat der Morphin-Reihe


(5α,9α,13β,14β)-4,5-Epoxy-9-hydroxy-3-methoxy-17-methyl-hasubanan-6-one-hydrochloride (6 a·HCl) reacts with dimethyl sulfate to give the sulfate7 which yields the cyclopropane derivate10 on treatment with aqueous NaOH. The structure of 7,14-cyclo-dihydrocodeinone (10) was established on the basis of1H- and13C-NMR-spectroscopy.

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Correspondence to Doz. Dr. Wilhelm Fleischhacker.

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Herrn Prof. Dr.F. Vieböck mit den besten Wünschen zum 75. Geburtstag gewidmet.

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