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Beiträge zur Chemie der Pyrrolpigmente, 21. Mitt.: Röntgenphotoelektronenspektrometrische Untersuchungen des N1s-Niveaus von Gallenpigmenten

On the chemistry of pyrrole pigments, XXI.: X-ray photoelectron spectrometric investigations of theN 1s -level of bile pigments

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N1s-X-ray photoelectron spectra of bilatrienes-abc exhibit two peaks with intensities of 3:1 and differing in bonding energy by approximatly two eV. By comparison with the spectra of model compounds representing certain bile pigment partial structures these peaks could be assigned to the lactam-, pyrrole- and the pyrrolenine type nitrogen atoms. From these results it could be established that bilatrienes-abc exist in the crystalline state as bis-lactam forms, having an unsymmetrical canonical dipyrromethene partial structure. By the same procedure the bis lactam structure of biladienes-ac (e.g. bilirubin) was deduced.

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20. Mitt.:H. Falk undA. Leodolter, Mh. Chem.109, 883 (1978).

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