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Thermische Zersetzung und röntgendiffraktometrische Untersuchungen an BaHAsO4·H2O

Thermal decomposition and X-ray diffractometric studies of BaHAsO4·H2O


The thermal dehydration-decomposition of barium hydrogen orthoarsenate monohydrate, BaHAsO4·H2O was studied usingTG, DTA andXRD techniques. The dehydration-decomposition proceeds through the formation of an anhydrous salt, BaHAsO4 to the final disalt, Ba2As2O7. The X-ray powder diffraction data of the compounds are reported.

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Nabar, M.A., Dalvi, A.P. Thermische Zersetzung und röntgendiffraktometrische Untersuchungen an BaHAsO4·H2O. Monatshefte für Chemie 109, 673–679 (1978).

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