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Darstellung und einige Spektraleigenschaften des 5,6-Dihydro-4,7-dithiaindan-1,3-dions

Preparation and some spectral properties of 5.6-dihydro-4.7-dithiaindan-1.3-dione

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The preparation of 5.6-dihydro-4.7-dithiaindan-1.3-dione (I) and its 2-methyl and 2-ethyl derivatives* is described, starting from 5.6-dihydro-pyrazine-2.3-dicarboxylic anhydride. The reaction of this anhydride with acetic anhydride, according theGabriel modification of thePerkin synthesis, resulted in 7-oxo-[3.4-b]pyrazin-5-ylideneacetic acid while reaction with propionic acid anhydride and butyric acid anhydride resulted in 2-methyl (2-ethyl)-5.6-dihydro-4.7-dithiaindan-1.3-dione.

The1H-NMR and electronic spectra of I were measured in solvents with different dielectric constant and it was found that I is more stable in the diketo form than 1.3-indandione.

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