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Stereodirection of the radical telomerization of propylene by carbon tetrachloride


  1. 1.

    The influence of temperature (55–200°) on the distribution of racemic diastereomeric i-, s-, and h-modifications of 1, 1, 1, 7-tetrachloro-3, 5-dimethyloctane in the radical telomerization of propylene with CCl4 was studied in a broad range of reagent concentrations.

  2. 2.

    Using statistical methods of evaluating the relative content of i-, s-, and h-forms, the possibility of stereodirected chain transfer and addition at the double bond of CCl3[CH2CH(CH3)]n radicals was demonstrated (chiefly the syndio-direction, although the yield of the i-form almost doubles from 55 to 200°); the stereochemical nature of the substitution with the participation of aliphatic radicals was studied for the first time.

  3. 3.

    A hypothesis was advanced on the stereoregulating influence of the substituent in the penultimate unit of the growing telomer radical (1, 3-asymmetrical induction).

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The article is published on the basis of a resolution of the Conference of Editors-in-Chief of the Journals of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR from July 12, 1962, as the dissertation work of B.N. Osipov.

Translated from Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Khimicheskya, No. 11, pp. 2430–2438, November, 1969.

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Osipov, B.N., Énglin, B.A. Stereodirection of the radical telomerization of propylene by carbon tetrachloride. Russ Chem Bull 18, 2276–2282 (1969).

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  • Propylene
  • Statistical Method
  • Double Bond
  • CCl4
  • Tetrachloride