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Zur Sauerstoffoxidation von Kreosolderivaten in alkalisch-wäßriger Lösung

Oxygenation of creosol derivates in aqueous alkaline solution

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Creosol (1), bicreosol (4) and other monomeric and dimeric creosols are oxidized in 0.25M-NaOH (5 equivalents base per phenolic hydroxyl group) by molecular oxygen at 70°C. Creosol is fragmented under these conditions to low molecular weight products without previous dimerization. The importance of fragmentation processes without cleavage of the C−C-bond between the oxygen substituted ring atoms in the case of bicreosol, and its considerable stability against oxidation compared with other compounds investigated can be explained by the ability of the monoanion of4 to exist in a conformation allowing hydrogen bonding between the phenolic oxygens of the two rings.

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