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Magnetische Messungen anHeusler-Phasen (Co,Mn)2 XY (X=Ti,Zr,Hf und Mn;Y=Ge und Sn)

Magnetic measurements on Heusler alloys(Co,Mn) 2XY (X=Ti,Zr,Hf andMn; Y=Ge andSn)

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Magnetic measurements onHeusler alloys (Co,Mn)2 XY have been performed. With a few exceptions there is no enhancement of ferromagnetism while substituting cobalt by manganese. The results can be explained by a partially antiferromagnetic ordering of the manganese atoms.

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Sobczak, R. Magnetische Messungen anHeusler-Phasen (Co,Mn)2 XY (X=Ti,Zr,Hf und Mn;Y=Ge und Sn). Monatshefte für Chemie 109, 1423–1428 (1978).

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